sbtslogoThe Carl F. H. Henry Institute for Evangelical Engagement at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary exists to equip modern Christians to understand their times and engage them from a historically-attuned and theologically-informed perspective.

Led by Dr. Andrew Walker, the Henry Institute (@HenrySBTS) gladly grounds its work in the theological program of the great twentieth-century evangelical theologian Carl Ferdinand Howard Henry (1913-2003). The Henry Institute stands in a theological tradition that is doctrinally conservative, inerrantist, and grounded in the confessional Baptist tradition. Yet it is also, like Henry, warmly evangelical, both sympathetic to the plight of modern evangelicalism and keenly interested in the renewal of the evangelical movement through biblical doctrine centered around the gospel of grace.

The Henry Institute seeks to serve churches of Baptist and evangelical identity by producing theological and intellectual resources on a wide range of questions to aid in the great task of cultural engagement. Ultimately, by equipping churches to know the times and know the Word, the Institute seeks the strengthening of the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Toward this end, the Henry Institute will feature materials that accomplish this mission: white papers, studies, essays, videos, and other media. The Henry Institute will also host select events for the campus community and the broader evangelical movement.

In a manner reflecting Henry’s own broad and bold theological program, the Institute will address a range of issues and doctrines: theology proper, the doctrine of revelation, the question of epistemology, worldview issues, and cultural developments, always grounding its ministry to church and culture in the cross of Christ.

In these and other offerings, the Henry Institute seeks to honor the legacy of postwar evangelicalism’s most eminent theologian and to extend it into the present by serving the church and its mission from a Henry-shaped posture and theological worldview.