Welcome to the Carl F. H. Henry Institute for Evangelical Engagement at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Carl F. H. Henry

We exist to engage the Christian church and the broader culture from a Henry-shaped theological worldview and posture. It is our desire, like Henry, to speak wisdom in a confused age, to offer what Henry called “true Christian hope that is Christological in its foundation” in his magisterial¬†God, Revelation, and Authority.

Here at the Henry Institute website, you’ll find information about our work, key resources for enhanced Christian cultural and theological engagement, and materials–many of them hard to find–related to Henry’s life and work. Our goal, after all, is not simply to remember one of the twentieth century’s greatest theologians. We want to extend his legacy into the future through a program of winsome and rigorous thought applied to the great questions of the day.

To stay informed on our programs, please check our Twitter feed, @HenrySBTS. Thank you for visiting, and please come often.